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The E30 Challenge


Listen to Chuck Lagner's Testimonial

Listen to Kaitlyn Florey's Testimonial

Listen to Andy Wick's Radio Spot 1 and Radio Spot 2

"I have found the performance is better (quicker and more power) and the gas mileage stays the same or better." ~ Sandra Smith
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Listen to Sandra's Testimony (mp3)

“I hadn’t really used E30 in my 2003 Chevy Silverado pick-up until I took the E30 Challenge. There was no change in my miles per gallon and my pickup ran well.” ~ Gary Jaeger, Goodwin, SD

“I took the E30 Challenge and did not have any troubles when I used Premium E30 in my 2015 GMC Sierra. I found that the cost per mile is basically the same between E30 and E10. E30 is proving to be efficient.” ~ Daryl Feilmeier, General Manager; Deuel County Farmers Union Oil Co

“I took the E30 Challenge using my non flex fuel 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. I experienced a boost in horsepower and maintained my mileage. I didn’t have any issues using E30 and no check engine light. I am a believer and will continue to use Premium E30. Take the E30 Challenge!” ~ Bob Faehn, KXLG Radio
Listen to Bob's Testimony (mp3)

“I took the E30 Challenge and did not have any issues using it in my non flex 2011 Ford F150 Eco Boost pickup. I’ve decided to make E30 my fuel of choice!” ~ Dean Johnson, Watertown
Listen to Dean's Testimony (mp3)

“I was skeptical about using E30, but after I took the Challenge I found it to be the best for my vehicle dollar for dollar and gallon for gallon.” ~ Myles Jones, Watertown
Listen to Myle's Testimony (mp3)

“I am taking the E30 Challenge with my 2014 Toyota Tundra!” ~ Dan Raderschadt, Lew’s Fireworks